Thursday, September 15, 2005

Seventh Grade

Duran Duran - Come Undone

I heard this song on the radio today and owing to my ridiculous overplaying of my tape single of this song in 1993, all of a sudden I was awash in memories of seventh grade.

I remember hanging out the window of my math classroom discussing who was going to go see Jurassic Park with whom. I remember my little square of cardboard that certified me as an official member of Bobby's Saved by the Bell club (my character? Zach's cell phone - remember that huge thing??). I remember having lists of boys that I liked and saving notes that they passed me in class as precious keepsakes. I remember gummy erasers, sour lemon candies, and thinking my 25-year-old English teacher was the coolest woman in the world. I remember being confused about "illegal aliens" and "youth in asia."

My math teacher in seventh grade didn't like staying after school for detention, so instead he would just send us home with a whole pile of overheads to clean. Not a bad deal - make a ruckus in class and all you have to do is clean some overheads - no need to tell mom & dad. I routinely went home with about 20 overheads. I think I was pretty much a goody-two-shoes, but as you can probably imagine I had trouble shutting up, staying in my seat, and was forever getting too excited about everything. Nothing much has changed.

I remember that I also liked this song:

Nirvana - Dumb. One week I chose it for my selection of the week in music class and was sent to see the guidance counselor. ("No, I don't actually think I'm dumb.") And so it was.


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