Thursday, December 08, 2005

Belated Birthday

I'm sure a fair number of you were expecting a birthday post. Perhaps a contemplation of the past year.... or twenty five. Maybe a list of some sort. Or a story. I'm coming up blank.

I have a Birthday Book (the inside looks exactly like that one but mine is actually way cooler because the cover is teal). You're supposed to write a summary of your birthday (what you did, what you got, things you learned in the last year, etc...). I remember when I received the book I was excited (particularly the scrapbooking, pack-rat part of me), but reading over my entries from the last two years doesn't really leave me with an impression of myself as being happy. I think the book needs a warning: "Only complete if feeling happy and fulfilled on your birthday." The trouble is that birthdays disguise themselves as a celebration of your life, but can easily end up being a day of self-assessment. With my birthday mired between Thanksgiving and Christmas, mere weeks before the ultimate day of resolutions, I think for me it just serves as another nagging reminder of everything I wish were different.

Regardless, as birthdays go, this one was fairly benign. I worked an overnight shift at the hospital, slept all morning, had dinner with some friends, and then opted for working another overnight shift so as to not spend the night at home alone. Unlike last year when I found myself nearly in tears by the end of my birthday, as the day ended yesterday I was performing CPR on a dog who 15 minutes later was smiling and wagging her tail at me. A much better ending, indeed.


At 12:59 AM, December 10, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Despite being physically removed from your birthday locale....I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. Rest assured that I would have made VALIANT attempts to entertain you so that you wouldn't feel that WORK was an appropriate substitute for birthday, no, never, not in a million years....I'll be back in January, and we will have a fantastic belated birthday extravaganza!! -amber


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