Thursday, December 08, 2005

Welcome Home Little Sock

It's been weeks since they've seen each other, but today witnessed the reunion of two long lost mates.

Everyone always told them they were nothing special - just simple black ribbed trouser socks. But inside they each knew they were more than just average socks: thin enough to be worn with dress shoes, yet thick enough to keep toes cozy; they weathered the wash-dry cycles with grace and resilience.

A few weeks ago, one of them went downstairs to the laundry, and never came back. His partner waited for him on top of the dresser, she couldn't face the rest of the socks in the sock drawer. Each day, she wondered where he'd gone. Then one day, he appeared! He was crumpled and dusty and hidden beneath the little-used ironing board, but after a run through the laundry he was as good as new. He sure did clean up nice.

But then alas, he was lost again! The couple's caretaker searched high and low to no avail until a phone call revealed his new location. Hesitant to return to his partner, he'd hopped in a Texas-bound suitcase. But Texas proved to be warmer than he was designed for and he began to feel a sense of lack of purpose. He realized that he was nothing without his mate so when the Shrewsbury-bound envelope appeared he didn't put up a fight.

This evening sees the happy pair, once again intertwined, each enriched with a different life story, back in the sock drawer snuggled up next to all their fellow sock-friends.


At 11:14 AM, December 15, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


This was a treat. Odd, but charming.


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