Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hello Highlands

These Scottish Highland cattle live on a farm off of the street I take to school every morning. They're not pure Scottish Highland - some bear the telltale marks of the Belted Galloway, but they've got the shaggy hair and peaceful disposition of the Highland breed. I must confess I've had a thing for Highland cattle ever since I visited Scotland the summer before I started veterinary school. I dragged my family to the Rare Breeds Park in Oban, Scotland where as chance would have it we watched Dame Judy Dench navigate the muddy paths in a completely white outfit (who goes to a farm in all white??). Coming back to Shrewsbury, I was excited to find these Highlands setting a nice backdrop for my drive to school. They made it seem idyllic, very James Herriot-esque. On difficult days, I've sometimes stopped and watched them peacefully eat their hay or sleep among the woodpiles. I look forward to this spring's calves entertaining me with their middle-of-the-road antics.


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