Sunday, June 11, 2006

For Business or Pleasure?

It's been a busy three weeks:

  • I sold most of my furniture on Craigslist.
  • I threw out a small country's worth of junk.
  • I sold some possessions on eBay ($650!)
  • I gave away all sorts of junk to Goodwill, Salvation Army, and a tag sale.
  • I packed up a third of my remaining belongings and sent them away to long term storage for a year.
  • I packed up the rest of my stuff and moved it to a storage unit in Manhattan, save for the three suitcases and a couple boxes that I have here in my teeeensy temporary apartment.

  • I danced all night with my vet school peeps after graduation.
  • I made jello shots in 35cc syringes with Paul.
  • We partied at the end of the world party.
  • I went to Newport with Paul.
  • We flew a kite at Brenton Point.
  • We walked along the cliff walk and ogled at the mansions.
  • We ate yummy food and tasty gelato.
  • We sipped wine at Newport Vineyards and learned about grapes and bottling machines.
  • We let BOFA take us to the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum.
  • We ate the "World's Best Kettle Corn"
  • We canoed on the Charles River.
  • I went to London and spent two days touristing around the city on foot and two days chilling with my London friends.
  • I drank cup after cup of tea.
  • I laughed endlessly at stories of Turner's British mishaps.
  • We brunched at a pub in the glorious sunshine for hours.
  • We saw Zero 7 live in concert.
  • We picnicked in Hampstead Heath.
  • We drank pitchers of Pimms.
  • I came back to Shrewsbury.
  • I had a 50 cent latte from the local coffee shop with the girls.
  • I spent evenings with Paul.
  • We drank Sauvignon Blanc and ate artichokes.
  • We ate Shelley's ice cream and hunted for cows.
  • We finally went to the Enormous Room.

So yeah. That's why there weren't any new posts. I hope you can understand. My first day of work is Tuesday. I quite honestly have no idea what's in store for me. Stay tuned.


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