Sunday, June 25, 2006


It takes a $2.00 subway ride and 30 minutes of my precious time each way to get to the Trader Joe's in Union Square, but stepping into the store with its familiar smell and usual layout made it worth every penny and second.

Not paying 50-100% more for groceries also helped.

Everything is a new experience these days. I think one of the reasons it is so expensive to live in Manhattan is that there are just things you can't physically transport to an apartment or if you could get it there you wouldn't have anywhere to put it. Like Diet Coke for example. I used to buy it in flats of 32 cans for $7.00. or ~$0.22/can. Now I pay $1.25/bottle at work simply for the convenience and not having to store it. So what used to cost $7.00/month now costs $37/month. Since that's >5% of my monthly pay I should probably just learn to live without it but then I also think that things like Diet Coke shouldn't be what I have to sacrifice. Of course once it gets cold I'll be switching back to steaming hot cups of (relatively inexpensive) tea. Mmmm... cold weather and hot tea. That sounds nice.

And now for a marginally relevant science experiment...

Concept demonstrated: Effect of sugar content on density


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