Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Trip To København

My memory of the four months I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark is musically enhanced. Sometime in October of 2000, I wandered into an HMV on the Strøget. Coldplay's Sparks was playing. Out of character for me (because of my irrational fear of salespeople, particularly in foreign countries), I asked who the artist was. And so I came to own Parachutes.

The album was something of a soundtrack for the rest of my time in Copenhagen. I spent a lot of time walking around alone and riding various forms of public transportation, so my CD player was always with me (yes, the pre-iPod era). At any rate, I'm glad that I so thoroughly dedicated my energies to Parachutes because now it serves as a reliable time machine. A simple push of the play button and I can easily see the streets, buildings, cafes, trains, buses, and people that made up my world in Copenhagen. If I close my eyes I can imagine that when I open them I'll be just getting off the train at Svanemøllen station and walking to my apartment, the last five years a dream.

The last three days or so I've been listening to the new Coldplay album. I'm trying not to let myself imprint my small animal medicine rotation on this album. While it's nice to be transported back to an idyllic European city, I'm not sure I feel the same way about my current circumstance. Perhaps I'll have to just keep listening to it during my upcoming westward journey.


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