Sunday, April 09, 2006

Four Days. Four Years.

I have four more days of veterinary school. As of Thursday at 6pm, I will have completed all my requirements for graduation. Another four year endeavor complete.

My life for the past twelve years has been divided into neat little four year blocks. Four years of high school (most of which I resented). Four years of college (most of which I cherished). Four years of veterinary school (most of which I _______).

I'm not sure how to summarize it yet. I changed a lot as a person between 13-17 and 17-21, but I don't have the perspective now to see how I've changed in the 21-25 year window. I think those changes are probably more subtle and harder to characterize. I certainly know a lot more than I did four years ago, but I've still got lots to learn. Mostly, I'm excited about beginning a new period of my life that isn't a preformatted four year time slot.


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