Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Czech please?

I have a patient this week who only responds to commands given in Czech. He's a highly trained search and rescue dog from the Czech Republic, but since he's also a 100 lb German Shepherd I decided I probably shouldn't take any chances so he got to wear a fancy basket muzzle while I examined him. Now I'm not sure how much of what we say dogs really understand and I certainly think that people who claim they can speak to their dogs are a bit crazy, but I thought it might be useful to know how to say no in Czech to my patient (you know, as he lunges for my arm or something...). Unfortunately, the Czech-English dictionary I found wasn't much help:

no - žádná
no - ne- (záporová předpona)
no - žádný
no - ne
no - ani jeden
no - kdepak
no - nikoliv
no - ne- (záporová předpona
no - hlas proti
no - na tom nesejde
no - nic (s komparativem)
no - nijak
no - nijaká
no - nijaký
no - nikoli
no - nikterak
no - no druh japonského dramatu
no - o nic (s komparativem)
no - slepá ulice
no - v žádném případě

Ummm, yeah. I think I'll stick with no. And the muzzle.


At 10:04 PM, May 11, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Vieques, where the dogs "speak" Spanish, we quickly found out that it's all in the tone of voice, not the actual words. That being said, good call on the basket muzzle! Tracy


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