Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Detox is over! I have to say having my traditional cup of English Breakfast tea with milk and Splenda this morning was a long awaited pleasure. Overall though, I did pretty well. Course there were a few slip ups - I had three Cheese-Its one night on a double shift, I had one cup of Sugar-Free hot cocoa, and I had two cups of white tea (5-10g caffeine) over the course of the two weeks.

The hardest part of the whole thing was the limited beverage choice. I realize now that I should have brewed a big batch of unsweetened herbal iced tea to drink, but instead I was left with basically the choices of water or herbal tea. No diet sodas, no black teas, no fruit drinks, etc. So by the end of the second week I was probably not consuming enough liquid simply because I was completely bored by limited options.

Do I feel any better? Detoxified?? Well, there were certainly very few highs and lows. Much more even keel about my hunger/sugar cravings/etc. I think the best thing that detox did for me was it broke the seal on not cooking. I've made homemade black bean soup, turnip and acorn squash soup, butternut squash puree, cauliflower mash, etc... Yummy things that I like that I was just too lazy to make. Now I'm on a roll though and expect it to continue. Getting to have my tea and hot cocoa now also makes continuing to avoid junk food much easier.


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