Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Letting Go

With the prospect of packing up all my belongings and moving a mere seven months away, I've become more conscious recently of the amount of crap that I have. Today, I packed up a bunch of old clothes to give away and there was something almost cathartic about the process. I guess maybe I'm finally ready get rid of a lot of the things I've been hanging on to. I'm not a pack rat per se because I'm selective about the things I keep, but I do tend to keep a lot of things (ticket stubs, brochures, photos, boxes, etc...). I've come to realize that for a lot of that stuff, it's time to let go. And then there's all the furniture and house stuff. I'm probably going to move to a much smaller space so it's got to go as well. Anyone in the market for some furniture??

A side effect of this new attitude towards "stuff" is that I'm generally appalled at some of the things that are for sale. Today at the grocery store for example, I noticed that for the bargain basement price of $149.99 you can be the proud owner of an 8 ft inflatable snow globe. WHAT? An eight foot inflatable snow globe? I can't imagine anything more unnecessary. The fact that such a thing is for sale or that there are Americans who would waste their money buying it sort of disgusts me. Yet there they were... at least 9 or 10 of them stacked up right by the registers waiting to be bought. Gross.

I know I'll always have too much stuff to do zen or feng shui or minimalism any justice, but for now it seems like the less I have, the happier I am. I'd much rather spend my money doing something than acquiring something.


At 3:46 PM, October 20, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do however, see the value of giant inflatable things as practical jokes. For the low low price of $59.99 I could get a giant inflatable turkey - very similar to your snow globe. Last year, I was going to buy this to put on my wife's brother's lawn, just for the humor value. I saw it again this year and thought about bringing it to Thanksgiving at your house, but my wife thought that you might not find it quite as funny as I would. Apparently, she was right!

At 6:28 PM, October 20, 2005, Blogger Anne said...

Certainly not. No inflatable turkeys please. Do bring your ginger-snap crushing skills though...there's pumpkin chiffon pie to be made.


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