Thursday, January 04, 2007

Day Three Strikes

The first two days of detox were fine. I've done the healthy eating kick thing before so it's not such a stretch for me to cut out all the junk. Today however was a bear.

The dull ache in my head started around noon and grew progressively worse throughout the day. I thought that since I'd made it through the first two days without any caffeine headaches I'd be fine but apparently I was wrong. When I complained that I felt like my brain was bouncing around inside my skull, the neurologist at work said something about cerebral vascular spasming in response to caffeine withdrawl. I decided that since my liver is being fortified nightly with milk thistle I could handle a dose of Advil. It's better now, but there's still a little dullness.

I'm enjoying some (caffeine free) herbal tea. My mommy gave me a sampler of the Tea Forte silken pyramid tea infusers for Christmas. The flora is nice.


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